Charlie, or Captain Charles Mawer of Serco, our President of last year, who successfully guided the Association through all of its events, the Auction, the Golf, the Dinner etc as well as incorporating a tremendous effort through his Big Pedal fundraiser, made the following comment on handing over his Presidency to Angus Ferguson last month:

‘I would like to say thanks to all those who have given me support during my tenure, particularly Christine, Norman and Whirly but also the Directors and Angus.  The work done as Almoner by Laura working closely with applicants can be challenging and my sincere thanks go to her.  As Norman is stepping down I wish him a long and happy retirement as Treasurer with the SSBA and wish all the best to his successor.’

The SSBA is proud to have had such a great year, much of it due to Charlie’s hard work. Our sincere thanks goes to Charlie and all of the Directors for all of their input and efforts over the year. We are delighted that Charlie will remain Director for another year in his role as immediate Past President and look forward to seeing what happens next!

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